Comunian Bevande

Consegna gratuita per ordini superiori a 60 €

Comunian The right wine at the right time


How are the goods delivered?

We deliver by UPS currier in a special 6-bottle cardboard package, certified against accidental breaks. A standard delivery takes 24 hours in Italy and up to 48 in Europe. Please check your applicable delivery fees in the “sales condition” page.


How many bottles do I have to buy? Is there a minimum amount?

There is no minimum amount. You can buy as few as one single bottle.


Do you also sell special magnum bottles of 3 or 6 litres?

Yes, of course. For example "champagne brut grand cru "Carte Or" mathusalem in a wooden Herbert Beaufort box" is a 6-litre bottle. We also offer custom-made bottles in different capacities up to 12 or 15 litres. Write to for a free quotation and applicable delivery times.


Can I buy different kinds of wine together, or do you make different packages for each wine?

You can buy the single bottles. For example in a 6-bottle package we can deliver 6 different bottles of wine. The minimum order is one bottle, as always.


If I live abroad but would like to collect my order from your company in Padova, can I do that?

Yes, of course. While checking out, in stage 4, our system asks you to choose between UPS delivery or collection at our site in Padova. Should you opt for the latter, you will save all transportation charges as well as the excise duties put by your country on wine (the exemption applies until 90 litres of wine, 60 of which can be sparkling wine).


How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card and PayPal. Please check all accepted credit cards in the “sales conditions” page. We have absolutely no access to your personal credit card details as these are dealt with only by your issuing company, which confirms or rejects your payment to us.


Can I give you my feedback?

Yes, indeed.  We would like to hear from you and deeply care about our customers’ opinion. Feel free to write at .

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